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All Insultab USP Class VI medical grade heat shrink tubing is made from ISO-10993-5 certified, USFDA compliant, high performance polymers and meets the most stringent biocompatible and safety criteria.  All medical-grade heat shrinkable tubing is 100% factory double tested for insulation integrity and reliability.



Xtra-Shield™ HS-714 2:1 shrink ratio
Proprietary radiation cross- linked Acrylated Olefin.  Preferred by leading medical device manufacturers for electrical insulation of laparoscopic, endoscopic and other devices, cauterization probes, and protective jacketing for temporary implantation devices.  High dielectric strength provides superior insulation integrity and reliability.  Unique impermeable bonding to substrates without adhesives prevents insulation slippage and blocks moisture from entering into the substrate.  Superior cut-through, puncture and abrasion resistance. Numerous sterilization options.

Xtra-Flex™ HS-914 2:1 shrink ratio
High performance, non-phthalate, Polyvinylchloride.  Ultra flexible, crystal-clear, non-DEHP, non-toxic, low shrink temperature medical grade tubing is ideal for tube joining, transitioning and providing transparent protection.  Exceptional clarity permits optimum visual inspection of the underlying components. Rapid shrinking at a low temperature prevents damage to adjacent components.