Insultab’s Business Is Tubing and Only Tubing!

Insultab’s Mission Statement is very simple: To ensure that our customers will never run out of tubing. Insultab had its beginnings in Woburn, MA in 1953 – hot stamping identification heat shrinkable markers for harness assemblies. In 1964 full scale manufacturing began; Insultab started extruding tubing and expanding heat shrinkable tubing products. Thirty years later in 1994 Philip Cowen, then the owner of Alpha Wire Corporation, acquired Insultab to manufacture FIT tubing products for the Alpha Wire Division. Insultab became ISO-9000 certified in 1996. Beldon Inc. acquired the Alpha Wire Division Company in 1997 and Insultab became an independent company. In 2004 Insultab moved “around the corner” into a new 90,000 square foot facility where, in addition to manufacturing standard products, materials are compounded and developed to achieve customers’ unique requirements: special color matching, custom tubing sizes, wall thicknesses and shrink ratios, custom cutting, printing and packaging. In March 2006 all Insultab products became RoHS compliant.
  • Insultab’s factory has multiple lines of extruders, proprietary expanders with state-of-the-art dimensional monitoring, on-line high speed cutting machinery, a Clean Room environment for cutting and packaging medical tubing, a Cutting Room with high speed, precision cutting machinery for custom cutting and packaging and a Printing Room with state-of-the-art printing equipment.
  • Insultab’s warehouse contains an unmatched, on-the-shelf inventory level of standard products available for immediate delivery.

Insultab's warehouseInsultab’s Focus is Providing Excellent Service!

  • Standard sizes, shrink ratios, colors and packaging are shown in the accompanying data sheets.
  • Insultab is pleased to provide customized products to better accommodate our customers’ unique needs.
  • The Engineering Department assists with product development to meet the most demanding applications.
  • The Customer Service Department is friendly, experienced and provides immediate, personalized assistance: product selection, size requirements, quick quotations and samples.
Insultab manufactures tubing products of the highest quality and consistency made from premium quality, 100% virgin materials in diameters ranging from 3/64” to 4”. Insultab’s products meet all relevant industry specifications: RoHS, UL, CSA, AMS, ASTM, Military, Automotive, EU Directives, USFDA, and Medical USP Class VI Standards. WE ARE THE RECOGNIZED EXPERTS AT EXPANDING LARGE DIAMETERS. Call or E-mail for friendly, knowledgeable, immediate sales and product assistance: (800) 468-4822 / [email protected]
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