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Insultab’s PVC heat shrink tubing has a low shrink temperature and superior strength. Both our thin wall heat shrink tubing and medium wall heat shrink tubing have been engineered for total compatibility with PVC jacketed wire and cable to insulate, identify, bundle, protect, repair and beautify in electronic, electrical and mechanical applications. Insultab’s crystal clear heat shrink tubing and all assorted heat shrink tubing colors are UL-VW-1 flame retardant, with outstanding chemical and UV resistance. UV protective additives makes PVC tubing ideal for outdoor applications.

HS-105 2:1 shrink ratio
Low shrink temperature, economical, highly flame retardant, 30% stronger than polyolefin and resistant to most chemicals, oils, sunlight, fungus and moisture. Colors are vivid; clear is ‘crystal clear’. All HS-105 colors, including clear, are flame retardant meeting UL Subject 224 VW-1 and specifically designed to match all operating characteristics of PVC jacketed wire and cable.

HS-105 X .032 2:1 shrink ratio
Similar to HS-105 with a heavier 1/32" wall thickness providing maximum insulation and protection.

HS-205 PVCPLUS™ 2:1 shrink ratio
Cross-linked (irradiated) PVC offers all the benefits of PVC heat shrinkable tubing with even greater abrasion and solder iron cut-through resistance, provides outstanding dielectric and mechanical protection and is specifically designed for rugged heat shrink applications and for use with cross-linked PVC jacketed wire and cable.


‘Crystal clear’ heat shrinkable tubing allows for visual inspection while providing tough protection against:

  • Abrasion
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Battery acids
  • High and low temperatures
  • Chipping
  • Moisture
  • Chlorinated cleansers
  • Oils
  • Dirt
  • Salt water
  • Fading
  • Scuff marks
  • Flexing
  • UV light
  • Fungus
  • Vibration
  • Grease

‘Crystal Clear’ HS-105 is flame retardant, meeting UL Subject 224 VW-1 and CSA OFT specifications. Clear Polyolefin is not.

‘Crystal Clear’ tubing will not become cloudy or turn yellow and will not crack over time. It will retain its clarity even after exposure to UV light. ‘Crystal Clear’ is the perfect solution for applications requiring a ‘see-through’, conforming fit over irregular shapes while providing protection, durability and longevity, indoors and out.

‘Crystal Clear’ HS-105, with a 2:1 shrink ratio, is available in a large variety of diameter sizes, starting at 3/64” and going way up to 4 inches.


Insultab is the only US manufacturer of large diameter PVC heat shrinkable tubing. In our Woburn, MA facility we produce tubing with up to extra large 4” diameters.

We offer a range of standard colors as well as crystal clear, high gloss, neon and custom color formulations including matching skin tones.


  • Architectural products
  • Consumer goods
  • Sporting goods
  • Recreational products

...just to name a few!

HS-105, with a 2:1 shrink ratio, is available in a large variety of diameter sizes.


Beginning with the very smallest 3/64" diameter - we’ll go way up to our extra large tubing:

  • 2 inch diameters
  • 2 ½ inch diameters
  • 3 inch diameters
  • 4 inch diameters

We are the recognized experts at expanding large diameters.

Insultab’s PVC Heat Shrinkable products are superior. Click here to learn why.