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Insultab’s polyolefin tubing is a highly flexible heat shrink tubing with a low shrink temperature and excellent abrasion resistance. Our thin wall heat shrink tubing will insulate, identify, bundle, protect and repair in a wide variety of electrical, mechanical, commercial, and military applications. Select polyolefin in black and colors, for flame retardant heat shrink tubing; polyolefin clear heat shrink tubing is not flame retardant.

HS-101 2:1 shrink ratio
All purpose insulation with excellent chemical, physical and electrical properties, shrinks at a low temperature and is easily marked. HS-101 colors are highly flame retardant meeting UL Subject 224 VW-1.

HS-101-3X 3:1 shrink ratio
Shrinks uniformly over irregular sizes, shapes and oversized components that are in-line with electrical wiring. It has a low shrink temperature, is very flexible, easily marked and excellent for industrial and military applications.