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Insultab is a heat shrink tubing manufacturer as well as a manufacturer of non-shrink, flexible tubing/sleeving which will insulate, identify, seal, protect, repair, bundle and beautify in a wide variety of electrical, mechanical, structural, medical, commercial, automotive, and military applications. Insultab's tubing products meet all relevant industry and military specifications.

Insultab manufactures heat shrinkable tubing products for specific environments: flame retardant heat shrink tubing, heat shrink tubing for high temperature performance, for low temperature performance, for severe outdoor environmental conditions, for automotive applications, for marine applications, for military applications, for aviation applications. Select the applicable heat shrink tubing material for your specific requirements.

Insultab's medical grade products, Xtra-Shield™, Xtra-Therm™, and Xtra-Flex™ heat shrink tubing and non shrink tubing/sleeving are made from USP Class VI, ISO-10993-5 certified, USFDA compliant polymers that set the standard for high performance, safety and reliability and meet the most stringent biocompatible and environmental specifications.

We manufacture tubing products to your precise specifications:

> Custom expanded and recovered diameters
> Custom wall thicknesses
> Custom shrink ratios
> Custom color matching
> Custom cut lengths to extremely tight tolerances
> Custom packaging