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Which Tubing Material To Use?

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In selecting the best type of tubing for your application, the critical factor is the ENVIRONMENT.


Material Special Features
Polyolefin Excellent Electrical, Chemical, Physical Properties
PVC 30% Stronger than Polyolefin, Low Shrink Temperature, Clear & Vivid Colors are UL VW-1, Excellent UV Resistance
Cross-Linked PVC Irradiated, 30% Stronger than Polyolefin, Highly Abrasion Resistant, Excellent UV Resistance
Multi-Wall Polyolefin Provides Permanent, Water Resistant Protection, Flame Retardant Jacket
Multi-Wall PVC Provides Permanent, Water Resistant Protection, Excellent UV Resistance, Flame Retardant Jacket, Irradiated Multi-Wall PVC Available
Kynar High Abrasion, Cut-Through, High Temperature Resistance, Flame Retardant, Transparent
Neoprene Broad Operating Temperature Range, Excellent in Severe Outdoor Environments and Rugged Applications
Viton Excellent Continuous High Temperature Operating Performance
Medical Grade Highly Lubricious, Non-Toxic, Self-Sealing, Meets USP Class VI Requirements
Food Grade Environmentally Friendly, Resists Sunlight, Moisture, Fungus, Meets USFDA Requirements

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