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Insultab’s medical grade USP Class VI non shrinkable tubing / sleeving sets the standard for high performance, safety and reliability.  Made from the same ISO-10993-5 certified, USFDA polymers as Insultab’s heat shrink tubing, Insultab’s non shrink medical tubing meets the most stringent biocompatible and environmental specifications.  


Xtra-Shield HS-714 (Non Shrink)
Proprietary Acrylated Olefin with high dielectric strength provides superior insulation integrity and reliability.  Superior cut-through, abrasion and puncture resistance. Use for electrical insulation of electrosurgical instruments and biocompatible jacketing for temporary implantation devices.

Xtra-Flex™ HS-914 (Non Shrink)
High performance, non-phthalate, Polyvinylchloride.  Ultra flexible, crystal-clear, non-DEHP, non-toxic medical grade tubing is ideal for tube joining, transitioning and providing transparent protection.  Exceptional clarity permits optimum visual inspection of the underlying components.