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Insultab is a manufacturer of heat shrink tubing products for specific requirements: flame retardant heat shrink tubing, heat shrink tubing high temperature performance, low temperature performance, severe outdoor environmental conditions, heat shrink tubing for automotive applications, marine applications, military applications, aviation applications. Select the applicable heat shrink insulating tubing material for your specific requirements.

HSK-600 Kynar® 2:1 shrink ratio
Cross-linked, translucent, semi-rigid, thin wall heat shrink tubing for high temperature applications. It has outstanding abrasion resistance and performs well in caustic environments. It is a highly flame retardant heat shrink tubing. Use this heat shrink tubing for automotive and military applications.

HSN-100 Neoprene® 2:1 shrink ratio
Cross-linked heat shrink tubing which operates in a broad temperature range and remains a very flexible tubing at low temperatures in rugged outdoor conditions.

HS-VTN Viton® 2:1 shrink ratio
Cross-linked modified fluoroelastomer, very flexible tubing with a high, continuous operating temperature. It is excellent for use in aircraft and aerospace applications.